Aren't Industry Mailing List Teenagers Addicted To Messenger?

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No. Maybe they spend too much time on Messenger but it's not an addiction. What usually happens is that young people spend a very connected season of their lives and then it happens to them. It's the same as before with the home phone: they spend a lot of time talking to people who have just been fired, yes, but it's not an industry mailing list . They've been online for too long and that's it. Interview with Xavier Carbonell, Professor of Psychology atRamon Llull University. Online at Those who argue that the Internet is not addictive What takes some time off? Sure, but addictions are not industry mailing list by the time we have.

Also watching TV or reading the  industry mailing list takes time away from people and yet no one is addicted to the newspaper or television. Nicotine, on the other hand, is addictive and doesn't take long. Internet addiction is not listed in DSM V (publishedMay 18, 2013), the most widely used manual for industry mailing list   mental disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, and has not been accepted by the Association.American Schoolof Psychology. And in the section on conditions that need more research, it includes Internet Gaming Disorder as a variant of gambling addiction and thus industry mailing list again that there is something called "cyber addiction" or "internet addiction" [51] . Compulsive behaviors have always existed, but they belong to a very different diagnostic category. But if there is no Internet addiction, then what about those people who spend so many industry mailing list stuck and have so much trouble disconnecting?

One can speak of people who use the industry mailing list excessively; and also of people who watch too much television, and of people who do more sport than is normal, even of people who read more than normal for our lifestyle. Will we call them all addicted? For starters, we still don't know what's normal, says Dr. Leonard Holmes, who wonders how some people may be talking about pathological Internet use if we don't even know what "normal" Internet use is. One might also wonder, as Dr. Grohol does, what should be normal in a few years' time, when we can all go online while watching TV. Do you realize that if we continue like this, when we all spend time on the Internet at the same industry mailing list we spend watching TV,all the mental disorders that already exist may end up being attributed to Internet addiction? "It's not technology (whether it's the Internet, a book, the phone, or television) that's important or addictive - it's behavior . "

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